Crotone, the “migrations” in the center-right agitate the climate but Voce is impassive


By John

The news of the accession of several municipal councilors to Lupi’s party “We Moderates” continues to be discussed. While there is silence among the majority councilors on the matter, there have been some reactions in the opposition. In particular, clarifications came from the councilor Antonio Megna: “I want to clarify – he wrote in a note – that I am bound by a deep friendship with the local leaders of this party, a party that I follow with interest and curiosity also given the passion of its city coordinator, Pisano Pagliaroli and the councilor Municipal Carmen Giancotti. Having said this, however, any other information on my closeness to the movement led by Maurizio Lupi is only a simple political speculation of those who, to gain credit at the usual tables, boast credit that they do not have”.
Yet there are and have been contacts, with Megna and with the other councilors involved. Ernesto Ioppoli, Antonio Mazzei, Mario Megna And Carmen Giancottiwho actually already joined the party in the month of February, had dinner together with the provincial coordinator of the party Pisano Pagliaroli and the regional councilor Antonello Talerico. And it was precisely at that table that the hypothesis of putting together a large group of councilors was also discussed to be brought before the mayor Vincenzo Voce to ask for a councilorship. But Antonio Megna is precisely from this discourse that he decided to pull himself out: «I am not willing – continues his note – to participate in blackmail and blackmail against a mayor with a shaky majority to get a few more seats (read department )”.