Cuperlo in Messina guest of the meeting “For a Mediterranean Europe. Opportunities, challenges and new policies”


By John

On Friday 12 April at 10.30 am, at the Feltrinelli bookshop, a meeting will be held with Gianni Cuperlo, member of the Chamber of the Italian Parliament, on the theme “For a Mediterranean Europe. Opportunities Challenges New Policies. Italy – Sicily – Messina. L The event is organized by “Promessa Democratica”, the association founded by Gianni Cuperlo, as a permanent area of ​​discussion open to all citizens (members of the PD and not), at a time when there are serious deficiencies in political culture and ethical values, present in the principles that the Italian Constitution has transmitted to us in its founding structure, this direction wanted to organize initiatives in Messina, Catania, Agrigento Enna and Palermo, with the aim of encouraging listening and discussion on themes of the territories that touch the lives of Sicilians, in the belief that at the basis of a political community we need a thought capable of measuring itself with a national, European and world vision in the current geo-political scenarios. Greetings will be given by the Honorable Calogero Leanza and Valentina Chinnici, ARS Deputies; Piero Patti, secretary of CGL Messina. Speakers will include Lina Panella, professor of International Law; Salvatore Chiofalo, union leader; Aldo Trifiletti, direction “Invece del ponte”; Valentina Martino of the PD national assembly. Moderated by Lucia TarroThe Hon. Gianni Cuperlo is available to meet the press at the end of the meeting.