Cyclone Reggina in the final, Acireale swept away


By John

Markers: 32′ st Barillà, 36′ st Girasole, 39′ st Perri (R), 47′ st own goal Girasole (A)
REGGINA (4-3-3): Velcea 6; Parodi 6, Girasole 6.5, Kremenovic 6, Porcino sv (12′ Cham 6); Mungo 6 (1′ st Salandria 6), Barillà 7, Zucco 6 (13′ st Lika 6.5) ; Provazza 6 (13′ st Marras 6), Bolzicco 6, Perri 6.5 (45′ st Simonetta sv). Available: Fecit,, Engineers, Rana, Dervishi. Trocini 6.5.
ACIREALE (4-2-3-1): Weeds 6.5; Tufano 5.5 (9′ st Montaperto 5.5), Maltese 5.5, Germinio 5.5, Cottone 5.5 (26′ Lo Coco 5.5); Palma 6, Lucchese 5.5 (24′ st Savonarola sv); D’Alessandris 5.5 (29′ st Vaccaro sv), Cangemi 5.5, Sticenko 5.5 (9′ st Spinelli); De Mutiis 5.5. Available: Bollati, Galletta, Di Mauro, Mirabelli. All. Marra 5.5
Referee: Guitaldi of Rimini 6.
Note: Yellow card: Maltese, Barillà, Girasole, De Mutiis, Montaperto, Bolzicco. Attendance: 3693. Corner: 2-1. Recovery time: 1′ and 5′.

Amaranth cyclone in the final part of Reggina-Acireale. The Amaranth team, after having dominated the match, scored three goals in the last quarter of an hour, avoiding the possibility of what would have been a mocking failure. A header from Barillà, even served by a throw-in from Cham, broke the deadlock in a match that was becoming complicated, albeit dominated. The captain’s inclusion is nice. Then came in rapid succession the goal from Girasole, again with a header, following a free kick from the right and finally the right-footed goal from Perri, who did well to put the ball under the crossbar and definitively close the contest before the Sicilian goal which set the score at 3-1.