Yemen, the US launches a new attack. The Houthis: “The raids will not stop us”


By John

The US military struck another Houthi-controlled site in Yemen that reportedly put commercial shipping in the Red Sea at risk. Two US officials said this and Yemeni rebel media confirmed it. The media of the Yemeni Houthi rebels confirmed the new attacks at dawn today, the day after the first American and British bombings against the sites of the movement which is threatening international maritime traffic in the Red Sea.

According to the al-Masirah channel, American attacks targeted at least one site in the capital Sanaa this morning. After yesterday’s British and American attacks, the Houthis fired “at least one missile” which, however, did not hit any ships, the US military said.

Also Iran’s representative office at the UN condemned US and UK military operations against the Houthisin response to the Yemeni group’s attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

The actions of the two countries are illegal and unauthorized, according to international law, the Tehran office said last night, adding: “Such unjustified war violates Yemen’s sovereignty, international laws, the United Nations Charter and Security Council resolutions, and endangers the peace and security of the region.”

Already yesterday morning, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani, had “strongly condemned the attacks”.

Houthis, US raids do not stop our attacks in the Red Sea

US strikes in Yemen, including last night on a military base in Sanaa, have had no significant impact on the Houthis’ abilities to continue to prevent commercial ships from passing through the Red and Arabian Seas, the official said. Houthi spokesperson, Mohammed Abdulsalam, as reported by the international media. A Houthi official, Nasruldeen Amer, told Al Jazeera that there were no injuries in the latest attack and promised a “strong and effective response”: “There were no injuries, no material or human losses,” he said .