Derby enthusiasm in Cosenza: race against time for the “Rao” grandstand


By John

Sunday's derby with Catanzaro, as widely expected, aroused enormous interest from the Cosenza fans, who within a day and a half they purchased all the tickets reserved for them for the appointment.
Cosenza, in the last few hours, has started a race against time to also try to complete the works to adapt the covered “Rao” grandstand. The upper segment opposite the central stand is the only one left closed following the reopening of the open Grandstand B, which took place on the occasion of the club's one hundred and tenth birthday, against Sampdoria.
It won't be easy considering the hours available and the complexity of the works. In Via degli Stadi, however, in recent days – in agreement with the companies involved – a deployment of important forces has been prepared to try to make this last sector accessible too.
Today will be crucial as it will definitively establish whether the hopes and optimism of Sila society are based on valid arguments. If the progress of the works reached an advanced stage, it would then be up to the Municipality – from within whose rooms they appear to be much more cautious – to organize the meeting of the Supervisory Commission for tomorrow morning. If the issue were to be resolved in the direction desired by the Bruzia club, around 1100 coupons would be put on sale as early as the afternoon. Otherwise, the progress of the work would be useful for the next matches. The complete reopening of the sector in favor of cameras would allow us to promote another image of the “Marulla” after a long time in which the covered “Rao” grandstand remained desolately empty.

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