Differentiated autonomy, Graziano: this is the trick of leps


By John

«Against Differentiated Autonomy we need to trigger a process of transversal awareness and then start a battle of civilizations which cannot have political colors or flags, but must be driven only by the reasonableness that a two-speed Italy cannot exist. The Calderoli reform does not only leverage the Essential Performance Levels (LEP). Indeed, the Lep – as also underlined by the president of Svimez, Adriano Giannola – are the least of the problems of the regulatory framework of differentiated federalism. Once the law has been passed, the next day, services such as roads, motorways and civil protection immediately fall under the jurisdiction of the regions. And with what guarantees?” This is what the Regional Councilor and President of Azione Calabria continues to support, Giuseppe Grazianocongratulating the President of the Province of Cosenza as well as Regional President of ANCI Calabria, Rosaria Succurrowhich once again, in the session of the Provincial Assembly, took a clear, sharp and contrasting position with respect to the Law on Differentiated Autonomy.

An important moment, that of the first session of the Assembly of the Bruzio superordinate body, celebrated yesterday (Tuesday 12 March), which also sanctioned the entry of Action within the Provincial Council. – Ferdinando Nociti, Mayor of Spezzano Albanese and former president of the Province of Cosenza, he will assume the role of Councilor for Linguistic Minorities, Heritage and Territorial Planning. «The delegation to Nociti, to whom I wish good luck in his work on the part of Azione Calabria, fits perfectly – underlines Graziano – in what are today the demands of the South against the implementation of this Differentiated Autonomy. Which risks – underlines the leader of the Calenda Party – of eliminating the South. As structured but above all communicated by Minister Calderoli, this federalist reform is a real trick. Because – he reiterates – if it is true that everything related to the Lep cannot be touched for two years, as there are no resources, everything else for which the need to respect the essential levels of performance is not specified is immediately transferable to the Regions . This is why we need a courageous stance on the part of all political forces, from right to left, because not only, today, is there a need to block the implementation of Differentiated Autonomy but we need to work immediately to ensure that it returns as soon as possible to re-amend Title V of the Constitution which, in fact, for over twenty years, has been generating the bugaboos of federalism and secessionism”