Differentiated autonomy, the Calabria regional committee is born against the bill


By John

The. is born NO AD Calabria Regional Committee against Differentiated Autonomy, the launch of which yesterday, 13 September 2023, will mark an important turning point in the fight against the infamous Bill No. 615 signed by Calderoli. From Calabria, from the committees, from the citizens, from the associations, from the parties, from the union, comes a clear signal of discontinuity with respect to the will, primarily of the Northern League and the government, to push this land, already heavily tormented and penalized, even further backwards, both in terms of welfare and rights. We find that the vote, without consultation, by the regional president is not at all reassuring Roberto Occhiuto in favor of differentiated autonomy, nor the amendment proposed by his brother and senator Mario Occhiuto, who sits on the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate, who would like to first establish the matters on which to identify the Lep, the essential levels of performance, doing this is equivalent to deciding what the perimeter of rights should be, increasingly reduced and less guaranteed. The Occhiuto family cannot decide on behalf of an entire community if even the slightest sense of democracy still exists. And it cannot do so in the face of the increasingly numerous expressions against differentiated autonomy coming from important bodies, institutions, even European ones, most recently the defections within the Clep technical committee and important constitutionalists.

The NO AD Calabria Regional Committee is part of the network of Committees against any form of differentiated autonomy, for the unity of the Republic and the equality of Rights, committees present throughout Italy which for many years have been fighting against differentiated regionalism and between promoters of the initiative held in the Senate last May, as well as promoters of numerous initiatives and conferences on the topic.

The nascent NO AD Calabria Regional Committee will have the aim of activating forms of mobilization and contrast to the Calderoli bill and more generally to any hypothesis of differentiated regional autonomy, non-solidaristic and based on the logic of intense competition between territories and weakening of inviolable and mandatory constitutional principles.

The nascent NO AD Calabria Committee has in recent hours already received numerous adhesions from the territories and from various associations and movements present and active in the entire regionby the union and political parties, as well as the support of mayors and local administrators, individual professionals, intellectuals and citizens who in various capacities will support its activities and actions. We thank them, knowing that we can count on their commitment and civic sense.

Democracy and the unity of the country are at stake, as it finds itself at a crossroads in which to decide whether to leave a part behind by sacrificing it on the altar of profit. The differentiated autonomy will essentially affect up to 23 subjects and sub-functions and will affect sectors and skills of the highest importance, with multiple and serious repercussions also in the social-health and welfare fields, in environmental matters, safety in the workplace, education, transport and many other sectors, disrupting the already precarious welfare system, producing further imbalances especially affecting the poor sections of the population and territories that are already suffering from a gap of poverty and social, economic and administrative backwardness.

Our Calabria region will be among the most affected.

The South and Calabria need a programmatic and planning vision that keeps the sustainability of action at the center and promotes widespread well-being, if anything filling the gaps and certainly not increasing them. Those who to date, even among the Administrators, have not yet expressed their opposition to Minister Calderoli’s subversive plan, would find themselves in the not too distant future not knowing where to get the resources to administer and having to guarantee services to citizens/ And. The reassurances that are provided of equalization funds and additional resources do not take into account the condition of strong disparity between the richest and most depressed areas, even within Northern Regions considered, mistakenly, free from problems that would arise from the implementation of the plan of differentiated autonomy; these reassurances do not even take into account the stability of public accounts which would be strangled between the need to guarantee hypothetical financial and budget balances, with expenses remaining unchanged, and a tax and fiscal system like the Italian one.

Only the voice of the citizens and of those forces kept on the margins of discussion and governmental choices that have ended up ousting Parliament itself from its role, as well as Local Authorities, can attempt to stem this dangerous social drift.

In view of the national demonstration called for 7 October ’23 in Rome promoted by the CGIL, to which we will offer our support and participation, through the network of our Committees against every form of differentiated autonomy, we will launch as a Regional Committee NO AD Calabria a series of initiatives in the Calabrian territory to inform and make those who administer us feel our firm opposition to the wicked plan, hatched by Calderoli and his associates . We invite you to write or send membership to the Calabrian Committee (email protected) and to take part in the “Let’s face it” campaign that you can find on the national website of the Committees against any form of differentiated autonomy. https://perilritirodiqualunqueeconomiadifferenziata.home.blog/