Disappeared for days in Corigliano Rossano, still no trace


By John

Four days have passed since the family members reported the disappearance of the 49-year-old Carmine Morello, missing from home for several days, and there is still no trace of the man, while the concerns of family members about his disappearance are becoming more and more insistent. Concerns deriving from the fact that Morello had a criminal record having been involved in the anti-mafia operation “Stop” and accused of attempted murder against Antonio Manzi (known as Tom Tom) from which he was acquitted, then maintaining a normal life outside from other events and away from other crimes.
All trace of him has been lost. Since he moved away from home, the family has not had any news of the joint until yesterday, nor from people who knew him. Apparently, he had not spoken to his family about any movements in the territory of the city where he lives, Corigliano Rossano, Urban area of ​​Rossano. He would have left with his own scooter without letting the family know anything. No longer able to bear the silence of the joint and increasingly worried, the family members went to the territorial department of the Carabinieri in Corigliano Rossano and reported his disappearance. A disappearance that smacks of mystery, considering that the man, it is not known whether intentionally or out of forgetfulness, left his cell phone at home, probably not to be traced. It would appear, therefore, that the removal may have been intentional.