Juve plays in the family: 8 goals in the test at the Stadium and chants against Lukaku. And Vlahovic… scores


By John

Having skipped the traditional pre-season catwalk at Villar Perosa, Juventus still wanted to give their fans the “vernissage” at the start of the season and did so in their facility, the Allianz Stadium, in front of a large audience of 20,000 passionate fans in a fortunately not suffocating hot afternoon. The match, Juventus Black against Juventus White, or rather the challenge between the first team and the Next Gen formation, ended with the result of 8-0. To open the dances a brace of Dusan Vlakhovic, with the first goal on 16′ from a penalty kick and the second from a free kick on 32′ thanks also to a decisive deflection of the barrier. A good response, that of the Serbian Vlahovic, to the rumors that he would like to leave in case of the arrival of Romelu Lukaku. And, speaking of the Belgian, it seems that the Juventus fans have no intention of rolling out the red carpet for the former Inter striker: after the banner displayed outside the Stadium last night signed by the Curva Sud against the player (Lukaku remains in Milan , we already have the second goalkeeper), today inside the stadium the unequivocal chorus “We Lukaku don’t want it”.

And at the exit from the field, replaced shortly before 40′, more applause for Vlahovic and another happy note for Allegri who sent the Brazilian onto the field in his place Kaio Jorge, returned to activity almost a year and a half (February 23, 2022) after the injury to the patellar tendon of the right knee. Kaio Jorge found the fourth goal in the 5th minute of the second half with a right-footed volley following a soft assist from a kiss by kean who, seven minutes from the break, had instead scored the momentary 3-0 in a slide. In the 24th minute of the second half, Kaio Jorge’s second goal with a low right-footed shot that slipped into the far post. Three minutes later and also Milik he scored with a chest stop and a robbery left that left no way out for the goalkeeper. The Pole then served on Kaio Jorge’s feet the hat-trick that the former Santos scored with a diagonal right foot. The 8-0, however, was signed by the 2005 Dutch head Hujsen who from close range bagged a short rebound from Daffara.