Doctors at the Catanzaro hospital save a man’s life by performing an angioplasty and related stent, his wife says “thank you”


By John

The councilor for social policies of the Municipality of Brugherio (Monza and Brianza), Serenella Pesarin, in a letter, wanted to thank “from the bottom of her heart (in a literal sense) the entire cardiology department of the Pugliese hospital in Catanzaro (directed by the professor Vincenzo Ciconte), the ambulance doctor who responded promptly to the emergency call and the emergency room doctors. Thanks for intuiting and emergency surgery on my husband, who underwent an angioplasty with subsequent stent: they avoided an imminent ischemic heart attack due to occlusion of the coronary arteries. A subtle disease with few recognizable symptoms. They were our last days of vacation and it is thanks to these excellent doctors (also from a human point of view) that we both returned to Lombardy”.

The councilor also highlighted that “letters are almost always written to report poor services and poor efficiency of public healthcare. The “almost” disappears if the experience to be told refers to structures in the South. This is why I am very pleased to go against the grain” .