Late passenger tries to board the ferry in Piraeus, crew pushes him into the sea: dead at 36


By John

Antonis Karyotis36 years old, is died tragically in the Greek port of Piraeus While was trying to board the Blue Horizon ferry leaving. The crew decided to push him back into the sea, resulting in his death when he was trapped in the ship’s propeller. The ferry’s captain and staff were arrested after videos of the incident were shared on social media. In the video it is seen that the ship continued without attempting to rescue Karyotis. The prosecutor’s order sent the emergency vessel back to take testimony from passengers and crew members.

The Minister of Shipping, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, expressed sadness over the accident and assured that all necessary actions were being taken to investigate the incident. The Attica group, owner of the vessel, said it was “shocked” by the event.

Karyotis’ brother Nikos said he was certain his brother had a ticket and didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to board. He described Antonis as a selfless person who helped others, despite not having a steady job or specific training. The preliminary investigation revealed that Antonis Karyotis did indeed have a valid ticket.