Domotek Volley Reggio Calabria, Serie A dream achieved, 3-0 against Grottaglie: mission accomplished


By John

It was enough to win a set to win promotion to Serie A. And there Domotek Volley Reggio Calabria he immediately achieved the goal (25-27) in the first instance by winning the first set in the decisive away match against the Volley Club Grottaglie in the promotion playoff match from the B Unica series to the A3 series. Laganà and his teammates immediately set the record straight and coach Antonio Polimeni's Reggio can already celebrate this great achievement before the match even ends. Then the practice ended 3-0 (24-26, 17-25, 19-25 the scores of the other two sets). Domotek Volley Reggio Calabria crowns a memorable season in the best possible way: the Reggio association, born just last summer, was capable of a triumphant ride, winning all the matches of the regular season, dominating the Calabrian-Sicilian group. Reggio also came close to winning the Italian Cup in the category. In short, an extraordinary result that confirms the great moment that volleyball is experiencing in the province of Reggio Calabria. In fact, next season Palmi will be at the starting line of the men's A2 championship and Reggio Calabria at the start of the men's A3 championship.