The Albatros ITS Academy Foundation of Messina presents the new highly specialized course “Health Food”


By John

The Albatros ITS Academy Foundation of Messina presented in Carini (Palermo), the new Higher Technical Education course, called “Health Food” to the students of the fifth classes of the three courses of the IIS Ugo Mursia. This interesting training course, which will start in September, will offer the opportunity to specialize free of charge in a constantly growing sector, which creates dialogue agri-food, nutrition, territory, health, tradition and innovation.

Speakers included: Simonetta Calafiore, ISS Ugo Mursia school director, Giuseppe Monteleone, mayor of the Municipality of Carini, Antonina Sidoti, president of ITS Albatros of Messina, Rosario Seidita, President of the Regional Chefs' Union of Sicily, Mario Puccio, President of the Provincial Chefs' Association Palermo pastry chefs Adele Traina, biologist and member of the Idimed Expert Committee, Nino Terrana of the Mastro Focaccina company and Vincenzo Giambanco, owner of Villa Dominici di Carini. The proceedings were moderated by the vice principal of ISS Ugo Mursia, Vincenzo Vassallo.

The president of the Albatros ITS Academy Foundation of Messina, Antonina Sidoti, declares: “I am very satisfied with this morning with the students of the Mursia Institute, who showed interest in a constantly growing and evolving sector. The girls and boys have seized the opportunity offered to them, considering that economically this course is free and is supported by scholarships, Erasmus and incentives. In fact, there is a high demand for these technicians from companies in our area. The Albatros Foundation continues to work in the right direction, with the aim of becoming a leader in post-diploma training in the agri-food sector throughout Sicily”.

The students were able to listen to interesting testimonies of successful experiences in the Health Food sector, such as Diego Maggio, former school director of the Pietro Piazza Institute in Palermo and Marzia Sucameli, clinical nutritionist. Also present were some representatives of excellent local agri-food companies, including Francesca Evola, from the olive-growing company of the same name. At the end of the meeting, a guided tasting took place of the Pane delle Due Sicilie made by Mastro Focaccina, of the Terrana brothers, with pasta mother, long maturation, wood oven and ancient grains with a short supply chain, Timilia from the Valdibella farm in Camporeale, and Saragolla from Benevento from Antonio Tozzi's T3rra farm.