Drama in Corigliano, car crashes into the sea from the port quay: a 41-year-old died


By John

A car crashed into the sea this afternoon (August 16, 2023) from the quay of the port of Schiavonea, in Corigliano Rossano. The driver, a 41-year-old man who was driving the vehicle, died. The fire brigade teams of the Cosenza Command intervened on the spot, following a report made by the coast guard, for the recovery of the person in the car.

The car is located at a depth of about 4 and a half meters. On the spot, in addition to the ground teams, the divers core of the firefighters who arrived from the Bari and Taranto commands with the help of a Drago VF68 helicopter. The divers reached the sunken car, a Fiat Uno, recovering the lifeless body of the driver. Also on site were the carabinieri, coast guard and Suem118 personnel. At the moment the firefighters with the support of divers and the mobile crane arriving from the headquarters in Cosenza are working towards the eventual recovery of the car.

At about 7 pm the divers of the fire brigade, with the support of the mobile crane, recovered the car which had crashed due to causes under investigation, from the pier of the port of Corigliano.