Elderly man attacked by minors in Messina, summit in the Prefecture: “Intensive investigations to identify the perpetrators”


By John

This morning the Prefect of Messina, Cosima Di Stanicalled a meeting of Provincial Committee for public order and safety, also with the aim of focusing on the issue of urban safety in the capital. The meeting was attended by, in addition to the police commissioner, the provincial commander of the Carabinieri and the provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza, the Deputy Mayor and the Commander of the Municipal Police of the Municipality of Messina, as well as the Commander of the Metropolitan Police.

In the face of some recent news events, with particular regard to the attack which occurred along the Panoramica dello Strait road by four minors against an 84-year-old man, the need to implement prevention and combating incidents that affect public safety and security.
In this direction, the local law enforcement and police forces will strengthen, in a logic of maximum operational integration and valorisation of the resources available, the already present surveillance and coordinated control services, in particular in those sites where episodes of widespread crime or youth distress.

Targeted control services will therefore be set up aimed at combating and sanctioning figures symptomatic of this problem such as driving while intoxicated, possession of narcotic substances and edged weapons, violation of the rules of the highway code and disturbance of public peace also caused from excessive noise emissions from stereo systems used in cars.
In expressing our closeness to the victim, met personally in recent days at this Government Palace, and to his family members, with particular regard to his 7-year-old nephew present at the scene of the crime, the Prefect has ensured maximum attention in the continuation of the investigations currently underway by the police forces for the detection and identification of the perpetrators of the crime.