Elections in Vibo, Maria Limardo’s canvas: in Rome to “weave” the candidacy


By John

He does not wait for the course of events Maria Limardo. The mayor, despite the skepticism that hovers among the majority regarding her re-nomination, has long since set in motion a machine that should bring her the guarantee of being able to compete for a second term. He did it with all the means at his disposal: declaring it to the newspapers, trying to inaugurate works and accelerate public works (far from a successful undertaking, just look at the theater issue), and above all by reconnecting with significant relationships from his past which, in recent years, had been, in some respects, relaxed.
A path that is anything but easy, a path, or rather a mountain, full of difficulties between Vibo, Catanzaro and Rome. The mayor went to the capital last Monday, staying there for just two days with a specific objective: to secure his re-nomination, perhaps through leaders of Forza Italia, above all his historic friend Maurizio Gasparri who, like Maria Limardo, comes from the National Alliance, without even neglecting the leaders of the Brothers of Italy, starting with Wanda Ferro. Even with the latter, in the final phase of the council, in fact, the main tenant of the building “Luigi Razza” once again fortified and strengthened relationships that had always been there but had experienced moments of indifference and perhaps even tension, not so much with Maria Limardo as well as with the Vibo leaders of Forza Italia.