In S. Stefano di Camastra 100 thousand euros for urban regeneration: and the city of ceramics smiles


By John

Good news from the approval of the regional finance for the City of Ceramicsto which they were assigned 100 thousand euros for urban regeneration interventions. The financed sum, which will soon be programmable and spendable with the approval of the annual budget accounting documents, will be used for maintenance and urban regeneration activities aimed at improving and redeveloping public spaces and areas. But the largest part will be allocated to strengthening the external lighting of the site where the “Santa Croce Scala Coeli Letto Santo” Sanctuary stands, a place of heart for all the people of Stefano, for the many faithful of the entire hinterland and for the large community Stefanese of Easton and Milwaukee, always nearby especially during the holiday period which occurs annually on the second Sunday of August.

This substantial funding is the result of a significant commitment on the part of the Hon. Bernardette Grasso, with great satisfaction of the municipal administration of Francesco Re, of the parish priest of the San Nicolò parish of Bari Don Calogero Calanni and of all the members of the association “The volunteers of the Holy Bed”. This will provide a partial but not exhaustive solution to the need to make further improvements to the already splendid reality of the most beloved Sanctuary in the area, restored and fully accessible for worship since last September after works lasting more than 2 years.

«The Honorable Grasso – Mayor Francesco Re declares with clear satisfaction – has acted as the resolving interpreter of a strong and heartfelt request coming from the entire Stefanese community which for generations has nourished profound respect and immense devotion to the cult of the Cross and to the Sanctuary of Holy Bed which is a symbolic place.”