Elections in Vibo, the records of Corrado (the most voted) and Schiavello (historic poker). And towards the ballot… VIDEO INTERVIEWS


By John

Regardless of the outcome of the ballot (voting on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 June) the center-right in Vibo Valentiain the worst case scenario, one can console oneself by looking at the brilliant result achieved by two political exponents of the coalition who in any case will be present in the seats of the council chamber of Palazzo Luigi Razza by virtue of the extraordinary results obtained in terms of preferences obtained.

On one side Carmen Corradoon the other Antonio Schiavello. The outgoing councilor for Public Works is the queen of preferences with ben 489 votes conquered (a real record in these latitudes), while the exponent of Vibo Marina can celebrate a historic poker: since 2010 he hasn't missed a beat and has been elected for the fourth consecutive time with 360 votes preferably. In 2010 in the center-right in the Per Vibo list with D'Agostino, in 2015 in the Territories and Freedoms of Cesare Pasqua list, in 2019 and today in the Fratelli d'Italia list.

Towards the ballot

“We will do our best, we are already working – highlights Carmen Corrado – with the aim of getting as many people to vote as possible and ensuring that that blessed valid, who have good skills and only in this way will we be able to carry on the work of the Limardo administration. There is a lot of funding that Giuseppe Mangialavori has brought and it is right that this centre-right administration can complete it”.

Antonio Schiavello, if Cosentino were to win, could also return to the council (in the past she was sports councilor): “I will follow the party lines as I have always done, the lines that the team will dictate”. On the ballot: “It goes without saying that the center sees itself in the centre-right votes for Roberto Cosentino. There are no other paths. There will be no alignment as already communicated by our candidate for mayor. What I hope is that the people are determined to ensure that a capable and prepared person like Roberto Cosentino can become the mayor of our city”.