European elections, all 32 Calabrian candidates running. Here's who can do it NOMI | PHOTO


By John

Two more weeks of electoral campaign, then we will go to the vote to elect the new European parliamentarians. On Saturday 8 and 9 June Italians will also be called to the polls with the aim of bringing to Strasbourg the representatives of the various parties that will exceed the 4% threshold. 76 seats have been assigned to our country with 18 expected for the Southern constituency (Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria). There Calabria has only one outgoing MEP candidate: it is Denis Nesci of Brothers of Italy.

For the rest, many names are running with the hope of being able to try to compete with the candidates from the other more populous regions, Campania and Puglia above all.

The person who has an excellent chance of being elected is Nesci. Fratelli d'Italia is ready to win numerous seats and the outgoing MEP is ready to be re-elected with the aim of arriving immediately after Meloni who is also a candidate. In the League here Simona Loizzo: the deputy from Cosenza is second on the list behind General Vannacci and the gender alternation rule could be an element to consider in her favor.

A very difficult match, but not impossible. Aim for a considerable result too Giusi Princi: the vice-president of the Calabria regional council aims to win a large number of votes from the Pollino to the Strait and plays the role of outsider in a coalition that can count on three outgoing women: Isabella Adinolfi, Lucia Vuolo and Alessandra Mussolini.

Finally, here is certainly among the eligible candidates Pasquale Tridico: the economist and former president of the INPS is at the top of the list of the Five Star Movement and will in all probability be one of the Calabrian elected representatives.

He will try to have his say until the end too Mimmo Lucano: the former mayor of Riace is at the top of the list and if the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra were to overcome the barrier he would be in pole position for the election together with Ilaria Salis and the former mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino.

For everyone else, the European Championship match still represents an important match to play, but in a fairly remote position.

So, let's see who all the Calabrian candidates running are divided by list (the list follows the order that can be found on the Ministry of the Interior website).

Salvini Premier League

Simona Loizzo, born on 02/20/1965 in Cosenza. Deputy, former regional councilor
Santo Gagliardi, born on 02/09/1965 in Cosenza. Entrepreneur, former councilor of the Municipality of Castrolibero. He is the cornerstone of the Southern Italy party founded by Orlandino Greco, former regional councilor and mayor of Castrolibero
Filippo Mancuso, born on 04/26/1962 in Catanzaro. President of the Regional Council of Calabria

Brothers of Italy

Ersilia Amatruda, born on 09-10-1971 in Lamezia Terme. General director of the Culture sector of the Calabria Region
Luciana De Francesco, born on 06/07/1983 in Corigliano. Regional councilor of Calabria
Denis Domenico Nesci, born on 07.25.1981 in Polistena. Outgoing MEP

Popular alternative

Massimo Antonino Ripepi, born on 03-10-1969 in Reggio Calabria. Municipal councilor of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria
Maria Antonella Carluccio, born on 06-06-1972 in Tortora (CS). Secretary of ConFederConsumatori (National Confederation of Consumers and Users)
Antonio Cento, born on 05-10-1959 in Taurianova (RC). Entrepreneur, citizen coordinator of the party in Cittanova (RC)
Monica D'Aguì, born on 03/16/1972 in Reggio Calabria. Professor
Raffaella Severino, born on 01-29-1983 in Catanzaro. Financial advisor

Democratic party

Jasmine Lucia Cristallo, born on 02/14/1981 in Catanzaro. She is a former “sardine”. You are currently a member of the party's national leadership
Luigi Tassone, born on 11-05-1985 in Serra San Bruno (VV). Former regional councilor of Calabria and mayor of Serra San Bruno

Peace Earth Dignity

Giuseppe Arlacchi, born on 02/21/1951 in Gioia Tauro (RC). Sociologist, former senator of the Republic from 1996 to 2001 and MEP from 2009 to 2014
Rosaria Scarpulla, born on 07.18.1951 in Palermo. Mother of the biologist Matteo Vinci murdered by the 'Ndrangheta with a car bomb


Annarita Foresta, born on 02/22/1973 in Lamezia Terme
Severina Sena, born on 04-24-1983 in Cosenza. Fenapi trade unionist

Forza Italia

Giuseppina Princi, born on 09.27.1972 in Reggio Calabria. Vice President of the Calabria Region
Riccardo Rosa, born on 04/03/1982 in Castrovillari (CS). Provincial coordinator (Cosenza) of Noi Moderati

Five Stars movement

Pasquale Tridico, born on 09.21.1975 in Scala Coeli (CS). Economist, former national president of INPS
Giuseppe Nunziato Belcastro, born on 11/15/1966 in Mammola (RC). Municipal councilor in Marina di Gioiosa Ionica

Action – We are European

Ramona Angela Calafiore, born on 02/20/1984 in Reggio Calabria. Provincial party leader
Francesco De Nisi, born on 09.18.1968 in Philadelphia (VV). Regional councilor of Calabria
Stefania Postorivo, born on 08.24.1982 in Cosenza. Municipal councilor of Roggiano Gravina (CS)

Animalist Party – Italexit for Italy

Marilene Bonavita, born on 02/25/1961 in Reggio Calabria. Pharmacy director, freelance journalist and founder of the non-profit organization Oltre l'Arcobaleno

Green Left Alliance

Domenico Lucano, born on 05/31/1958 in Melito Porto Salvo (RC). Former mayor of Riace (RC)
Maria Pia Funaro, born on 06.26.1973 in Cosenza. Former deputy mayor of Cosenza
Gerardo Pontecorvo, born on 03/18/1955 in Reggio Calabria. Metropolitan spokesperson (province of Reggio Calabria) of Green Europe

United States of Europe

Stefano Mascaro, born on 08.17.1962 in Naples. Former mayor of Rossano (CS)
Giuseppe Varacalli, born 11-26-1958. Municipal councilor of Gerace (RC) and former mayor of the Ionian village of Reggino
Filomena Greco, born on 11-06-1966 in Terravecchia (CS). Former mayor of Cariati (CS)
Annunziata Paese, born on 05-09-1972 in Cosenza. Regional coordinator of Italia Viva