European elections, Salvini: “The 9% in Calabria struck me. It means that we brought a message”


By John

«I was struck by the 9% in Calabria: when you take this way in a complex land it means that you brought a message». The secretary of the League said it Matteo Salvini speaking on Radio Libertà talking about the outcome of the European vote. «I am a perfectionist – he added – and we can always do more or better but with our bare hands, with much less presence than others we have not only kept up but we have actually grown».

Is a victory possible in Florence? «In Florence we need to understand – observes Salvini – whether Renzi will be consistent with what you said: there the candidate said that the outgoing administrations have done damage to Florence and after 70 years Florence can choose Parliament. I hope that in Florence, as in Bari and Rovigo, the change will lead people to choose: now you no longer find a Milanese in Milan who tells you I voted for Sala but he didn't vote alone…”.