Two years of Basile's government between accounts, reorganization and hiring: “Messina is changing and it shows”


By John

“The regaining of normality in recent years has been an extraordinary thing, today we must raise the bar further”. Thus mayor Federico Basile summarizes the results obtained by his administration, on the day when a line is drawn on the first two years of the mandate. Two years, which however are six, as admitted by Basile himself, if we consider the continuity compared to the four years of De Luca's administration. “The city is changing and the change is perceived, as demonstrated by the Istat study released a few days ago”, claims Basile, who recalls, among the key points, the yes to the rebalancing plan and the hirings of recent years.

The mayor asks citizens to “respect public affairs, a collective effort further improves the city”. Will the council and the team be given a cut, as implied by former mayor Cateno De Luca? “I haven't met with De Luca yet, but of course, the service needs to be done because this car has a problem, the brakes don't work, it goes fast, and I would like it to continue going fast.” However, there is no longer a political majority in the city council: “Politics must discuss political issues, which are certainly not personal prebends,” says Basile, who for the rest of the press conference leaves room for his councilors and the top management of the investee companies: two “commercials” each to talk about these first two years of administration. “This is a cohesive team – says the mayor -, which still has a long way to go”.
At the tail end of the press conference, at the microphones of RtpThe Mayor Basile proudly claimed the goals achieved – first of all the overcoming financial distress with the ability to “put the accounts in order after years and years of holes which, he said, allows us to look ahead with greater serenity” -. Among the immediate future objectives is the continuation of the works for the construction of theI-Hub of the Straitor, which he hoped to carry out by the end of last year: “unfortunately often the bureaucracy of the administrative machine does not help, it is necessary to speed things up”. Last but not least, the thing Basile declares himself most proud of are the hiring of the 341 employees, to whom he expressed personal gratitude for the sacrifices made – “I have known many of them since I was an auditor and then general manager – he said; on the care of public greenerywith the birth of spaces accessible to all, he said: “this is not an electoral campaign, but a right for all citizens who, together with us, are called to a strong co-responsibility.