European elections, the balance sheet of the Catanzaro coordination of Forza Italia: “Solid and serious projects”


By John

“The European elections have consecrated the Azzurri party as a constantly growing force throughout the country, with the percentages of our political formation at around 10% in Italy and around 18% in Calabria”. This was stated in a press release from the provincial coordination of Forza Italia.
“These results – they explain – can only be the result of a strong governance capacity of those who, under the banner of Forza Italia, try their hand at governing public affairs. In fact, the election must be read from this perspective of numerous local administrators also in these last administrative elections, but above all the reconfirmation of two mayors belonging to our camp: Bruno Meta for San Floro and Domenico Garofalo for Marcedusa (a municipality where among other things Forza Italia has 52% In in both cases victories obtained by the mayors with an enormous gap compared to their opponents, proving the fact that the appearances of the most disparate institutional subjects willing to do anything to gain half an extra seat were of no avail: the citizens chose in an unequivocal solid and serious projects.
We therefore wish – they conclude from the coordination – good work to all the administrators belonging to our party, certain that they will be able to continue their brilliant political-administrative action”.