Vibo, surgical operations without health authorization: 9 million seized from a private clinic. Two suspects


By John

Maxi seizure in Vibo Valentia. The Catanzaro financiers, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Vibo Valentia, have implemented the provision with which the investigating judge ordered the preventive seizure of over 9 million euros from a private clinic in Vibo Valentia affiliated with the Regional Health Service and the two administrators who have succeeded one another over the years, investigated for fraud against the local Provincial Health Authority.

The investigations

The investigations, conducted by specialists from the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Catanzaro, have made it possible to hypothesize that the clinic, although authorized and accredited for the execution in agreement with the regional health system of services in various disciplines, from 2012 to 2022, following the stipulation of specific contracts with the Vibo ASP, unduly performed outpatient surgical healthcare services also in the ophthalmology field although it lacks both the health authorization to operate and the accreditation with the public body.
Consequently, the ASP would have been misled in the stipulation of the contracts by the possession of the aforementioned requirements falsely declared by the representatives of the clinic and the contracts for the assignment of healthcare services would have given rise to an unfair profit and consequent damage to the public coffers for over 9 million EUR.
Only in 2022 did the clinic submit a request for specific authorization to carry out healthcare activities for the ophthalmology branch and the related administrative investigation is still underway. Health authorization is a mandatory prerequisite for practicing medical activity, while accreditation, obtained only following proven possession of further requirements, allows you to act on behalf of the Regional Health System.

The names

In addition to the nursing home itself, Cesare Curatola, 79 years old, from Brancaleone (Reggio Calabria), president of the board of directors of the facility from 2010 to 2014, and Guido Rigazzi, 73 years old, from Sortino (Syracuse) are also under investigation for fraud. , current president of the board of directors. The investigating judge ordered, among other things, “the preventive seizure aimed at confiscation for equivalent up to the value indicated above on the movable and immovable assets registered or jointly registered to Cesare Curatola and Guido Rigazzi as well as on securities or values ​​registered or jointly registered to them” .