Fagnani and Gratteri receive the “Tu es Petrus” recognition


By John

Special guests again this year at the «Tu es Petrus» International Award, founded in 2005 by Cardinal Francesco Marchisano and by the journalist Gianluca Barile, now in its sixteenth edition. The ceremony for the awarding of the recognition, which due to its prestige was also withdrawn by the last two Pontiffs – Benedict XVI and Francis -, will be held, as per tradition, in Battipaglia, on 24 November, at 5 pm, in the council chamber of Palazzo di Città, under the patronage of the Municipal Administration and with the support of the Banca di Credito Cooperativo of Capaccio Paestum and Serino, of the “Mediocrati” Bank of Rende and of the «Pubblipoint» Group of the entrepreneur Entonj Carrano.

After greetings from the Mayor Cecilia Frenchthe cardinal will do the honors Kurt Koch, prefect of the dicastery for the promotion of Christian Unity and honorary president of the Award, and the founder Gianluca Barile. Furthermore, the intervention of Maresca Castle, a magistrate already on the front line in the fight against the infamous “Casalesi” clan. This, however, is the complete list of the winners and the Sections for which they will receive the “Tu es Petrus” International Award: the Cardinal Luis Antonio G. TaglePro-Prefect of the Dicastery for the New Evangelization (section «Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice”); Nicola Gratteripublic prosecutor at the Court of Naples («Legality» section); Francesca Fagnani, Journalist and television presenter (section “Journalism”); Francesco RepiceRai radio commentator for the historic program “Tutto il calcio minute by minute” (section “Sport”); Domenico AgassoVatican correspondent for the newspaper «La Stampa» (section «Religious Information»); Tiziana D’Angelodirector of the archaeological park of Paestum and Velia (section “Culture”); Vincenzo Maurino, chief ophthalmologist and director of department at the “Moorfields Eye” university ophthalmic hospital in London («Medicine» section); And Franco Ernesto RubinoFull Professor of Business Economics at the University of Calabria (section «Ethical Economics”).