Falcomatà’s second trial in Reggio has become “normal”


By John

The mayor being suspended again on trial for another abuse of office was news that was welcomed by the city as a “normal thing”. And yet, something so normal is not. But in Reggio in the absence of credible opposition even an indictment of the mayor has become a normal thing. The Democratic Party – always a champion of legality and intransigent when its opponents are hit by the arrows of the Judiciary – remains silent. The sen. Did Irto whisper something in Schlein’s ear? The rest of the center-left is also silent. Only for the “Antonio and Ciccio Franco” circle of Brothers of Italy, Falcomatà’s indictment «is a new heavy blow falling on the center-left majority of Palazzo San Giorgio, a majority characterized by now chronic inefficiency and in which the specter of illegality in the exercise of administrative activity once again appears. To the continuous and now proclaimed inability to manage public affairs of Falcomatà and his companions, now, without prejudice to the presumption of innocence, it would seem to be added the continued use of illegitimate administrative methods”.
«After having witnessed the second degree condemnation of the mayor Falcomatà and other councilors and councilors for the note “Miramare” affair; to the indictment of 32 people including administrators and members of polling stations for “electoral fraud”; to the “Murals” commissioned without appointment determination; to the story of the Tresoldi work, where nothing has been clarified regarding the actual number of columns ordered, their definitive positioning and the total expenditure of public money committed; just to mention just a few of the most sensational events, leaving aside many other equally serious ones, such as the issue of waste, road maintenance and water supply, which have never been resolved.