Ferrara (M5S): “Cut to the equalization fund for the South brings the territories to their knees”


By John

“The cutting the equalization fund for the South is an action to the detriment of the Southern Regions for which this Government is responsible and which will further bring our territories to their knees. It’s time for someone from the Executive to give an explanation to this latest theft but we are certain that people will prefer to hide their heads in the sand, Giorgia Meloni’s favorite sport.”

He writes it in a note Laura Ferrara, MEP of the 5 Star Movement. ¬ęThe government – he continues – not happy with having drastically reduced the resources of the Pnrr allocated to the Municipalities of the South with projects already defined – with the damage of the single SEZ and the total flattening regarding differentiated autonomy – is now using the ax by hitting the equalization fund destined for the South which goes from 3.5 billion to just 891 million euros. These are crumbs – he continues – with which schools and hospitals should be made safe but also roads, railways, water and gas pipelines should be built. The one canceled with the Budget Law was a fund established in 2009 to smooth out the infrastructural gap between the regions of the South and those of the North, never used until the birth of the Conte 2 Government which spread 4.6 billion from 2022 to 2033. Resources, therefore, on which the local administrations relied and which, thanks to the current government, they will have to give up. We will fight on this. The citizens of Southern Italy – he concludes – are not second class.”