Fifth day of unsuccessful searches: Francesco Pesce, a 73-year-old from Cerchiara, is still missing


By John

Today was the fifth day of searches without results. Still no sign of Francesco Pesce, the 73-year-old mushroom farmer from Cerchiara di Calabria, of which there has been no further news since the afternoon of November 18th. During today, Thursday 23 November, technicians from the Pollino Alpine Station of CNSAS Calabria cleared several wooded areas and traveled along paths and paths but, unfortunately, without any results. In 5 days the search for the 73-year-old involved 42 technicians from the CNSAS Calabria who covered, on foot, approximately 58 km and approximately 140 km, with emergency vehicles, roads and small roads. The hectares of areas covered were approximately 43. The technicians of the Alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza (SAGF) ​​of the Cosenza station and the Fire Brigade were also involved in the research. The searches will continue tomorrow.