Fire emergency in the province of Cosenza: from the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea passing through the Pollino Park


By John

The flames have once again attacked the provincial territory of Cosenza. After three months of relative containment, the fire has started to do damage again and take away a large part of the natural heritage. The last few days have triggered yet another emergency and have kept dozens and dozens of fire brigade teams, civil protection volunteers and associations busy. Since the beginning of the week, the fires have therefore dotted the whole province.

TO Frascineto, (as Angelo Biscardi recounts) three hundred hectares of forest and Mediterranean scrub went up in smoke. In just under 24 hours, in fact, the fire, undoubtedly of malicious origin, which broke out on Tuesday afternoon at the entrance to Civita, quickly moved to the upper town of Frascineto. It is an inaccessible area that saw two Canadairs and the Calabria Verde fire-fighting helicopters operate throughout yesterday. On site, in addition to the forestry Carabinieri, the Frascineto traffic police, all the civil protection associations and the firefighters of the Provincial Command of Cosenza. The operations were not particularly easy, since the aircraft, especially the Canadairs, had to land in areas of the Ionian Sea that were particularly “gusty” by the wind. The work carried out by the regional civil protection helicopters was much more surgical, ready for reclamation operations which proved to be excellent, especially to limit the movements of the fire which practically licked houses, cemeteries, farms and destroyed more than one green lung of the National Park of Pollino.