Cosenza, smile: the wild card Florenzi is back. Rossoblù with the desire to meet again


By John

Cosenza can smile. Because Aldo Florenzi received the go-ahead for his gradual return to the group during the specialist visit he underwent at Villa Stuart in Rome. Therefore, the rossoblù midfielder can start again even if he will have to recover the pace of the game (basically starting tomorrow, for him it is as if he were retiring). Yesterday was also Viviani’s 23rd birthday. The midfielder, who came on as a substitute in the final stretch of the match, wanted a different result on Sunday afternoon in his hometown and against his former club. During the break he will have to work to acquire the best physical tone, like his other teammates, who are still behind. After the rest granted by Caserta, the Sila team will resume training tomorrow morning. In the evening, then, the 17th edition of the “Rossoblù Festival” of the “Cosenza Club Gesuiti” will take place. Appointment starting at 7.30 pm in Piazza Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa.

Cosenza questions itself after two defeats in a row

Within a few days, Cosenza began to question itself again. The defeat against Brescia brought back the doubts of the past, those who seemed to have been definitively placed in the cellar with a different transfer market compared to recent years. At the “Rigamonti”, on the other hand, the Caserta group has shown its worst face so far, probably also due to fatigue. The euphoria of the past few days, however, has waned. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, provided however that, after the break, D’Orazio and his teammates rediscover the textures of the game appreciated in the first tasters of the season.
The Cosenza of Brescia also performed below the expectations of their coach. Only a few days earlier the knockout with Modena had left totally distinct sensations. The first match in September against Pierpaolo Bisoli’s Sudtirol is an important exam because it gives the possibility of “closing the case”, clearing up doubts and regaining confidence in a team that at times amused and convinced but that in the second away match of the championship she was down after the first tour de force.
The rossoblù, against Gastaldello’s team, seemed exhausted from a physical and mental point of view. On the occasion of the fifth game in 22 days, the silanes weren’t brilliant. A possibility that had already been anticipated in the conference on the eve by the coach. The soul of the team, as Caserta defined it on the day of its presentation, has always referred to Calò and Zuccon. The decrease in intensity experienced by the two reverberated in all areas of the field.
The field of play then confirmed the sensations of the coach from Melito Porto Salvo on the eve. Cosenza was unable to raise the pace, produced little offensively and paid the price in the best maneuver concocted by the opponents, who didn’t create many other dangers.
For the first time, the silanes went under and were unable to react in the time left. Ideas remained few even after the realization of Bjarnason. To make matters worse, Filippo Sgarbi was expelled, beaten by the coach at the press conference. The centre-back from Varese had surprisingly found a place in the starting eleven. Now, thanks to the red card and the consequent disqualification, in the second half he will leave space again next to Meroni, in a department already short of men (Martino, La Vardera and Cimino are out at the moment).
Not even the arrival of Canotto, who appeared eager to shine but playing for himself rather than for the team, didn’t help.
In just under two weeks, Cosenza will have another card to throw on the table: Francesco Forte. The Roman striker has not played since the “Marulla” match on the first day. After a three-match disqualification, he will be available again. In the next few days, Caserta will work on the new physiognomy. With Forte’s entry into the starting lineup, the position of Gennaro Tutino, who was also underperforming in Brescia, will also be redesigned.