First prize at the Ice Cream Festival 2023: Bonfiglio pride of Sant’Eufemia


By John

First prize at the Ice Cream Festival 2023 for the pastry chef Luigi Bonfiglio at the 19th “Ristora Hotel Sicilia”, the flagship event of the Expo Mediterranea dedicated to the world of catering, ice cream, pastry, pizzeria and food & beverage in general, held at the SiciliaFiera center in Misterbianco (CT). The almond and mandarin, typical products of Reggino where the pastry chef from Eufemia works, gave the flavor to the Caprese ice cream which won over the jury as well as the palates of those who had the opportunity to taste it. Winning the first prize is a source of pride not only for the winner, but also includes the entire Apga group (Association of artisan pastry and ice cream makers) of Confcommercio RC who in recent days – with Luigi Bonfiglio himself, Carmelo Caratozzolo and Andrea Serra – have led an exceptional pastry workshop in Reggio during the Bergarè festival dedicated to bergamot.