First Ukrainian attack on Russia with US missiles. Moscow warns Washington: “Don't make fatal mistakes”


By John

Kiev forces would carry out the first attack against Russia using American missiles after the authorization officially granted by Washington. This was reported by unofficial Russian sources, specifying that it was a man who was hit anti-aircraft defense system in the border region of Belgorod. News that comes on the day in which Moscow warned the United States against making “fatal” mistakes in Ukraine.

Himars missiles on Belgorod

According to the Russian Telegram channel of military experts Dva Majorawhich has over 700,000 members, missiles American Himars they hit a position deploying missiles S-300 And S-400. The same source added that no casualties were reported among Moscow's soldiers. The channel also posted some photographs showing military vehicles on fire and a column of smoke rising into the sky. Another Russian channel, Astra, wrote that the attack damaged a troop base and a heavy weapons storage area in the Korochanskiy district, also in the Belgorod region. News not confirmed by the authorities in Moscow nor by those in Kiev.

Russia's warning to the United States

Previously, however, the governor of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, had said that yesterday one person had died and three others had been injured in the explosion of an ammunition depot in the Korochansky district, but he had not specified the causes.

The warning to the United States about “calculation errors that could have fatal consequences” was instead launched by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who denounced an “irresponsible” attitude on the part of the Americans. “They have given Kiev carte blanche” and “they are doing nothing to stop the dangerous provocative actions of their minions”, thundered the deputy minister, warning that “there will certainly be a price to pay for the United States”.

Limited use of US-supplied missiles

The US has made it clear that for now the missiles supplied to Kiev can be used to strike Russian territory only with the aim of countering the advance of Moscow's troops in the Kharkiv region. But Russia fears they could also be used to bomb its own strategic defense system, after the Ukrainians tried to attack two radars using drones in recent days. American government sources, cited by the Washington Post, have also expressed concern about these attacks, stating that Moscow could perceive them as threats to its “strategic deterrence capabilities”, with the risk that mutual trust between the USA and Russia will be altered in nuclear weapons matters. Analysts quoted by the American newspaper have among other things underlined that one of the targeted radars in the region of Orenburgis located very far from Ukraine, on the south-eastern borders of Russian European territory, and serves among other things to prevent possible threats from China.

Necessary attention to military actions

“We need to be very careful, it's not a game, we're on the razor's edge,” the Foreign Minister warned for his part. Antonio Tajani, reiterating Italy's position against the use of its weapons sent to Ukraine for attacks on Russian territory. “We are working to defend the independence of Ukraine and we are working for peace, focusing above all on diplomacy”, underlined the head of the Farnesina, who in recent days has nevertheless opened up the possibility of sending a second Samp-T system to defense of the attacked country.

Accusations of sabotage at the peace summit

China has meanwhile rejected the accusations made against it by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to “sabotage the peace summit” scheduled in Lucerne on 15 and 16 June by pressuring other countries not to participate. “The use of political force is not in the style of Chinese diplomacy,” said the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman. Mao Ning. Zelensky had made his accusations from Singapore, a stop on his ongoing tour of the Far East to try to gather support for the conference, which today took him to the Philippines. The President's Spokesman, Sergei Nikiforov, confirmed that Zelensky will attend the G7 summit in Italy, either in person or online. While the White House has made Biden's package in Switzerland official: Washington will still send a powerful delegation led by the vice president Kamala Harris and the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

New Russian bombings

Ukrainian authorities have meanwhile reported three people killed, including a 12-year-old child, and three wounded in new Russian shelling in the last 24 hours in the region of Donetsk and in that of Kharkiv.