Foggia scores a goal in each half and overwhelms Messina: Peloritani in the risk zone of the rankings


By John


Scorers pt 38′ Peralta, st 20′ Salines

Foggia (3-4-1-2) Noble 6; Riccardi 6, Carillo 6, Salines 7.5; Garattoni 7, Martini 6.5 (41′ st Rossi ng), Di Noia 7, Vezzoni 6 (19′ st Frigerio 6); Peralta 7 (28′ st Schenetti 6); Tonin 6.5 (41′ st Idrissu ng), Tounkara 5 (19′ st Embalo 5.5). Available Cucchietti, De Simone, Papazov, Vacca, Pazienza, Agnelli, Odjer, Fiorini. Annex Cudini 6.5.

Messina (4-3-3) Fumagalli 5; Salvo 5.5 (11′ st Pacciardi 6), Polito 6, Manetta 6, Ortisi 6; Firenze 5 (24′ st Emmausso 5.5), Giunta 6, Franco 5.5; Ragusa 5.5 (34′ st Luciani ng), Scafetta 5 (11′ st Cavallo 5.5), Zunno 6 (34′ st Plescia ng). Available De Matteis, Ferrara, Santoro, Darini, Tropea. Annex Modica 5.5.

Referee Gigliotti of Cosenza 6.5

Notes Booked Ortisi, Manetta, Rossi. Corners 5-4 for Foggia. Recovery time 3′ part, 5′ part

Foggia scores a goal in each half and overwhelms Messina who emerges from the match with an even more dangerous ranking. The Modica team suffered their fourth consecutive defeat and from tonight are officially in penultimate place in the rankings. 11 points are a really slim haul even if it must be said that the ranking at the moment in the risk zone is quite compact. What is certain is that the Sicilians, in addition to their commitment, which was never lacking in Foggia, must add something to their maneuver, especially in the offensive phase. Because even at the “Zaccheria” there were some opportunities to hurt the Rossoneri but the truly dangerous conclusions failed. And so, the first defensive oversight resulted in the penalty that directed a match that Giacomo Modica’s team was no longer able to bring to their side.

Yet until the penalty Messina wasn’t even displeased because, all things considered, Foggia’s obvious territorial supremacy, also called upon to redeem themselves after a long period spent without victories, had counteracted some intriguing counterattacks. In short, there was a game, not a monologue.

A very clear example is the start of the match with a central penetration by Di Noia closed on the edge of the area and the immediate restart by Ragusa which put Firenze in a position to finish, albeit weakly.

As the minutes passed, however, the push of Salinas (man of the pitch), the flashes of Peralta and the dribbling of Tonin began to put pressure on the Messina defense which found in Manetta the totem which at least on three occasions it saved near the line. However, ironically, he, the captain, put Garattoni down on a cross from Peralta in the 38th minute. Peralta made no mistake from the penalty spot, scoring his first goal of the season. Moments of slippage for Messina who shortly after risked collecting the second goal, thanks to Peralta who scored from an excellent position.

The first quarter of an hour of the second half belongs to Messina who benefits from Modica’s first substitutions and creates with Ragusa but fails to materialize favorable situations with Scafetta and Zunno. Foggia’s reply is lethal. Garattoni for Vizzoni and right foot deflected for a corner. From the Peralta flag for Salinas who tries with his head, a tame rejection from Fumagalli and he hits the goalkeeper’s post with his left foot.

It is the goal that seals the success of the hosts who manage the rest of the match without suffering much and after a long period without victories, with the three points they move into the play-off zone.