Football and betting, Fagioli’s chats: the former Juventus captain Bonucci knew everything


By John

Nicolò’s gambling problem Beans it wasn’t a secret within Juventus. According to reports from Republicthe former captain Leonardo Bonucci he was aware of the situation. The documents from the Turin Prosecutor’s Office include conversations between the two regarding the bets, but there is no evidence to demonstrate the defender’s participation in the bets. Furthermore, two other young foreign Juventus players and a member of Massimiliano Allegri’s technical staff also emerge from the chats on Fagioli’s mobile phone. This has raised the possibility of a failure to report, as the published sports justice code states that anyone who becomes aware of a player or company involved in betting or about to make betting has the obligation to immediately inform the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. . The penalty for those who do not comply with this rule is at least six months of disqualification.

Furthermore, conversations with bettors also emerge from Fagioli’s chats, who have collected more than a million euros in just a few months. Currently, investigators are examining whether there is sufficient evidence to contest crimes such as usury or extortion, since it seems that the Juventus player was desperate due to the large sums of money he was losing.

The position of the company

“We are very sorry for Fagioli. We have notified the Prosecutor’s Office, the boy has shown himself to be available. We are close to him and sorry for what happened, our task is not only to punish him as will be done by the justice bodies, but we must re-educate the system”, said Cristiano Giuntoli, Juventus sporting director.