Football: Ifab opens to experiment with timed expulsions


By John

The International Football Association Board opens the doors to timed expulsion – for protests and specific game infringements – and after having noted its successful adoption in grassroots football, he hopes that the measure will be tested at higher levels. He discussed it at the annual business meeting (Abm) of the body that establishes the rules of football, held today in London, which had as its focus the measures to improve the behavior of players and coaches and increase respect for match officials. In this regard, there is also a proposal to experiment with a system that allows only the team captain to approach the referee in some important game situations, while among the measures discussed there is also the more rigorous application of the regulation towards players and coaches who demonstrate disrespectful conduct and for better management of fights on the pitch. On the technological front, the positive outcome of grassroots trials of body cams for referees was reported to discourage aggressive behavior and it was agreed on the need to improve offside control systems. Finally, the ABM suggests to the Annual General Assembly (AGM), scheduled for next March 2, to include in the rules of the game the fact that the referee communicates his decision at the end of the VAR check.