Intesa Regione Calabria-Webuild, the Calabrian councilor: “New job opportunities and innovative tools to also counteract the demographic decline”


By John

“The protocol signed in Cittadella with Webuild, one of the most important groups in the world for infrastructure construction, represents another important strategic and innovative intervention that the Calabria Region is adopting to build ‘real work’ in our Region. A complementary protocol to the ‘Build Calabria and Remote Working’ project which represents a cornerstone of the new political strategy, the result of a careful and accurate study of the data of the entrepreneurial economy of our Region. This is an important tool that opens the doors to serious and qualified ‘real work’ opportunities for Calabrians, a fundamental condition for not emigrating and staying or, even more necessary, returning to live and work in Calabria”.

This was stated by the regional councilor for labor policies and professional training, Giovanni Calabrese, commenting on the memorandum of understanding signed by the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiutoand the CEO of Webuild Group, Pietro Salinito promote the activation of professional training courses and job placement in Calabria.

“In the last twenty years – continues the councilor – the population in Calabria has experienced a constant and inexorable decline. Our region has lost approximately 160 thousand residents – of working age -, of which 47,500 in the last three years, with an annual average of 8,300 people who have left our region. This trend must stop and with the new line and the different political approach towards the most evident criticality of Calabria, such as unemployment, we strongly believe that the fate of our land will change. The objective in the political agenda of the regional government is to reverse the trend and the data, to put the Calabrians in a position to build and have a job, developing a national and international network that will strengthen services and give rise to new skills and professions” .

Finally, the Calabrese councilor assures that “the Calabria Region will make the necessary logistical support available to the Webuild group to train and qualify approximately 6 thousand operators in the sector. The work of the Welfare and Labor Department is already operating in a widespread manner for the national plan for new skills and is networking local services and the ‘Labor Policy Table’ will support discussion and new strategies with the social partners for a virtuous process on the labor market”, concludes Clabrese.