Former deputy mayor Neri: the Municipality of Reggio will not be able to hire


By John

The former deputy mayor Armando Neri, having now moved to the opposition, he will truly be an annoying nudge for the Falcomatà Administration, against which he has already started firing broadsides with chained balls. Starting with the budget, a subject he knows well having already been a councilor for the branch. «The municipal administration has not yet approved the consolidated budget, thus violating the terms set out in article 151, paragraph 8, of the TUEL which expressly provides that by 30 September the body approves the consolidated budget with the budgets of its bodies and instrumental bodies and subsidiary and investee companies. This is – accuses Neri – a very serious circumstance from a political point of view, also due to the consequences that this violation entails to the detriment of the City. In fact, the law (Law Decree 113/2016) establishes that in case of failure to comply with the deadlines set for the approval of the consolidated financial statements, the non-compliant entities cannot proceed with hiring personnel in any capacity, with any type of contract, including coordinated and continuous collaboration and administration relationships. This is a very serious penalty, which the Municipality has incurred. And it is absurd that the same organization that says it wants to hire staff through competitions places itself in the position of not being able to do so, exposing itself to the penalty provided for administrations that do not approve the consolidated budget by September 30th.”