War in the Middle East, Tajani: “We need to work towards a de-escalation”


By John

We absolutely need to work towards de-escalation, all our diplomatic initiatives go in this direction. We are in contact with the G7 countries and hope to be able to obtain a positive result which will then prepare the ground for a season of peace. We are in favor of much longer humanitarian pauses than the current ones, always to help the civilian population.” The Foreign Minister said this in Pescara, Antonio Tajanion the sidelines of a Forza Italia event.

«Unfortunately, the situation is still very tense – he continued – the missiles from Gaza and Hezbollah continue against Israel which risk hitting the civilian population as happened yesterday, but today too the alarms have returned. Then there are Israel’s attacks against Hamas headquarters and unfortunately here too the civilian population remains victims of Israel’s legitimate reaction. International law must always be respected and we are all working towards de-escalation to try to reduce tension.”
«We are ready to do whatever is needed to help the Palestinian people – added the minister – Our aid that we sent via air force flights is arriving. The hospital ship will depart from Italy and is ready to welcome, when possible, injured Palestinians and we are also ready to welcome injured Palestinian young people and children to Italy in agreement with the United Arab Emirates. I will also propose to the other Gulf countries to support further initiatives to help injured Palestinian children.” “At the same time we give messages to Israel to stop when there is a risk of hitting the civilian population and we launched the same appeal to Hezbollah and Hamas so that they do not continue to launch missiles against the civilian population”, concluded Tajani.