Formula 1, Verstappen a cannibal also in Las Vegas. Leclerc second


By John

The story is always the same: Max Verstappen also wins the Las Vegas Grand Prix, achieving his 18th success of the season in Formula 1. A triumph, that of the Dutchman from Red Bull, which comes after having also served a five-second penalty for a risky maneuver at the start against Charles Leclerc. Ferrari’s Monegasque instead crosses the finish line in second position thanks to a super overtaking against Sergio Perez on the last lap. Carlos Sainz’s other Red team is sixthwhich started from 12th place on the grid and also ended up spinning at the start, with the Spaniard forced to make a comeback straight away.

At the start Verstappen immediately attacks Leclerc and accompanies him to the outside of the track, taking first place from him, but the Dutchman’s maneuver is incorrect and costs him a 5 second penalty. Meanwhile in the middle of the group Sainz spins and slides to the back of the group, with Perez also returning to the pits to change the wing damaged due to a contact. During the fourth lap Norris hits the wall with the McLaren and forces the Safety Car to come out. As the laps went by, Verstappen’s tires went into crisis and Leclerc took the opportunity to overtake him even before he stopped for the break (with penalties to be served), with the Red Bull driver returning to ninth position behind Russell.

The two engage in a duel once they enter lap 25, Verstappen risks another maneuver at the limit and touches the Briton’s Mercedes, which loses parts and calls for another Safety Car. Perez takes the wildcard of the break, puts on fresh tires and on lap 32 overtakes Leclerc to take the lead, which the Monegasque however forcefully takes back a few kilometers later. Meanwhile, the cannibal Verstappen approaches the two and devours them in a few laps, climbing to first place, while Leclerc is put under attack again at the end by Perez and induced to make a mistake with eight laps to go. The Monegasque, however, reacts with pride and in the final corners makes a terrifying overtaking move to regain second place.