Court of Auditors of Calabria “There is still confusing and unclear management of the regional budget”


By John

The main critical issues of regional budget they are a bit like those of previous years. In some cases we find one confusing and unclear management“.

This is what the president of the section said control of the Court of Auditors of Calabria Rossella Scerbospeaking to journalists before the start of the equalization judgment of 2022 report of the Region highlighting that among the positive points “the administrative result has improved”. “Equality – he added – is important in times like the current ones in which the economic crisis has repercussions on the management of local authorities and the Region. For example energy crisis: many municipalities, many of which are in a rebalancing plan or in conditions close to bankruptcy, have problems with the payment of electricity. By checking the administrative results and trying to direct them towards sound financial management, the Control Section also guarantees the effective enjoyment of social rights and therefore the essential levels of assistance and services, which is a very current issue in this context in which it is a legislative initiative is underway which should lead to differentiated autonomy which could compromise, in the southern regions and in Calabria in particular, the essential level of services”.

“One of the big problems – said Scerbo – is that of foreclosures, which stiffen and limit budget resources. We must honestly acknowledge to the Region that there has been an attempt to rebuild but it is a long job, which must be carried out over years. The problem of regional budgets, then, is above all in health matters: Already last year, under my presidency, a reconstruction activity had begun for the purpose of controlling the system. This year we have also carried out in-depth investigations on management profiles, as part of a control that is aimed at self-correction processes by the administration”. As for the management of subsidiaries, “this is a very delicate problem that we have faced under the profile of the circularisation of debts and credits, and even there there remain gray areas which require further investigation”.

Occhiuto’s words on parity

“The day of equalization – underlined the President of the Region Roberto Occhiuto – is never the day of the year for the presidents of the region. In each region the Court of Auditors highlights the critical issues that exist. Imagine in Calabria. Instead today they are happy because compared to last year the Court highlighted the many critical issues but also said that there are many bright lights. This comforts me in terms of the fact that probably the administrative action we are implementing is leading to slowly restoring normality to administration of a region that has many gangrenous problems caused by many years of mismanagement”.