Franco Battiato and “The man from the garden island”: charity event at PalaCultura


By John

An event of music, literature and solidarity dedicated to Franco Battiato with Guido G. Guerrera, Fabio Cinti, Alessandro Russo and Giuseppe Restifo. Guerrera, journalist and writer who lives and works in Tuscany. Historical collaborator of “La Nazione” and “Qn”, considered by Fernanda Pivano herself to be one of the greatest experts on the figure of Ernest Hemingway, he is the only Italian writer admitted to participate in the Coloquio Internacional Ernest Hemingway in Havana over a period of twenty years .

Biographer of Franco Battiato, with four publications to his credit, Guerrera recounts in first person the long journey undertaken together with Franco, a friendship that lasted thirty years and was dotted with conversations, discussions on philosophical and symbolic themes dear to both of them and marked by a detailed series of interviews given to the journalist over three decades. We therefore talk about the character Battiato, with his absolutely unique artistic production and about the man, who in private was a simple person, endowed with an extraordinary sense of humor and always available.

The story is colored simultaneously through the memory of Fabio Cinti, musician and singer-songwriter who brings Battiato's songs and memories around. Fabio Cinti has created eight albums and collaborated with numerous artists including Franco Battiato, Morgan, Nada, Paolo Benvegnù, Pasquale Panella. He worked as a musical consultant for seven editions of the X-Factor broadcast alongside judge Morgan. In 2018 he won the Targa Tenco for his “The master's voice ~ a gentle adaptation”, an adaptation for string quartet, piano and voice of Franco Battiato's famous 1981 album. He has created some soundtracks for theater shows or short films (“I will kill Schrödinger's cat” by Gabriella Greison and “Argos”, on the life of Sciascia.

Together with the pianist and composer Alessandro Russo, also a historic collaborator of Battiato, Fabio Cinti retraces the life and most hidden events of the singer-songwriter and through the story of direct and indirect experiences reconstructs fragments of the work and the person. The intervention of Giuseppe Restifo, former professor of Modern History at the University of Messina, who will discuss the artist's link with the Sicilian language, is also expected. The show dedicated to the great and inimitable artistic talent of Franco Battiato is organized by the ARB association and the Messina1 Kiwanis Division in collaboration with Filarmonica Laudamo Messina and with the patronage of the Municipal Administration of Messina, and of AUCLIS Associazioni Unite Cultura e Lingua Siciliana. The event aims to donate the proceeds to encourage the realization of projects of particular social value carried out by associations such as , ABC – Amici dei bimbi in ward, Gruppo Emergency Messina and Cirs Casa Famiglia Messina.