From 3 June car incentives, up to 13,750 euros: here's who is entitled to them and how to apply


By John

After months of waiting and a long approval process, they arrive car incentives. The decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers was published on Official Journal.

Resources available for car incentives

The available resources amount to one billion euros: ai 950 million in fact, others will be added in 2024 50 million left over from 2020. The maximum contribution to scrapping rises from 5,000 to 13,750 euros if a polluting car is scrapped. There are incentives greater than 50% for those who present a ISEE less than 30,000 euros.

Stellantis initiative and specific offers

Stellantis adds to the state incentives, with the initiativeWe value Made in Italy', specific offers for the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep brands. The main one concerns the 500 electricproduced in Mirafiori, with 'social leasing by Fiat': the first thousand private customers with an ISEE under 30,000 euros, who scrap an old car, will be able to drive the car for three years at no cost.

The new Ecobonus platform

The new platform Ecobonus to book the incentives it will be active from June 3rd at 10ammanaged by Invitalia on behalf of Mimit: the forms to request the bonus and the tables showing the criteria for awarding contributions will be made available. “These are important and significant resources and they are sufficient,” underlines the Minister of Business and Industry Made in Italy Adolfo Urso. «I don't want to finance the purchase of Maserati but of sustainable cars that we produce in our country. It's a plan for families” adds Urso who looks forward to the meeting with the CEO of Stellantis with confidence Carlos Tavares with the unions on Monday in Turin.

Contributions proportional to the environmental class

Among the new features are expected proportional contributions to the environmental class to which the vehicle to be scrapped belongs, including class cars 5 euros. The purchase of is facilitated electric carsplug-in hybrids and combustion engines with a level of CO2 emissions of up to 135 g/km, but also of motorcycles and electric and non-electric mopeds and light commercial vehicles. The objective of the measure is to encourage the scrapping of the most polluting cars (Euros 0, 1, 2 and 3) which represent 25% of the fleet in circulation. The contribution up to also goes in this direction 2,000 euros for the purchase of used Euro 6 vehicles with emissions of up to 160 g/km CO2, for the scrapping of a car up to Euro 4. There will also be a contribution to the installation of new systems in LPG (400 euros) oh methane (800 euros).

A breath of fresh air for the green car market

The arrival of the incentives it's a breath of fresh air for the market green cars which is struggling to take off and which places Italy at the rear of the main European markets. In recent days there have been calls from trade associations and dealers to speed up the process. «An important step forward to bring the Italian car market back to the center of the European panorama. Facilitate the evolution of the supply chain automotive it will bring value to the entire country system” comments president of Motus-E Fabio Press. «Any measure that goes in favor of green cars and the renewal of the circulating car fleet is positive» adds the president of Federcarrozzieri Davide Galli which asks not to nullify the incentives with the introduction of excise duties on electric cars. The union also applauds: “they arrive late, but they are positive”, underlines the general secretary of the Fim Cisl, Ferdinando Uliano.