From the income meter to 100 euros, the economic dossiers are still open


By John

The income meter stopped pending further investigation, the spending review for municipalities on standby, the postponement of appointments in public subsidiaries. But also the age-old game of the seaside resorts and the 100 euro bonus promised for 2025 but for which the implementing decree is still awaited. SThere are several dossiers that the electoral pause has left open on the government table. Measures on which there have also been disagreements within the majority and which now, once the outcome of the vote has been digested, will require a summary and a solution. Starting from the issue of the income meter, which made the executive nervous for a few days. Surprisingly popped up in a ministerial decree signed by the deputy minister of the economy Maurizio Leo, immediately triggered an outcry from the centre-right parties opposed to a return to the mechanism introduced in 2015 by the Renzi government. The executive backtracked immediately, immediately suspending the decree.

The act that blocks the mechanism, however, does not abolish it completely, but only defers it. The prime minister herself, Giorgia Meloni, he explained the need for “further reflection to ensure greater guarantees for taxpayers”. Two hypotheses will be worked on, he explained: either completely overcome the synthetic assessment or work on a rule that limits this type of tool to the phenomena of major tax evasion. The spending review for municipalities is also suspended for now. The measure, foreseen by the budget law, was included in an inter-ministerial decree which distributes the cuts (250 million euros per year from 2024 to 2028, equal to 1.25 billion in total, of which 50% on current spending and the rest in proportion to the contributions of the Pnrr). The municipalities immediately rose up and the opposition fueled the debate by highlighting the risk of cuts in social spending. The Minister of the Interior Matteo PiantedosHowever, he held back, denying the cuts and explaining that at present there is only “a mere draft decree subjected to technical evaluations by the local autonomies system”. An agreement on the provision is necessary at the State-city and local authorities conference, but the topic was not included in the agenda of the meeting on 30 May. We will therefore talk about it again after the vote: the next meeting is on 27 June.

Another hot topic postponed is that of appointments in public subsidiaries. On May 24, the CDP shareholders' meeting approved the budget and dividend, but postponed the appointments of the new board of directors to June 20. And a hot summer promises to be a hot summer for the renewals, given that in addition to the Cassa, other important companies are also at stake, from FS to Rai, from Anas to Sogei. Meanwhile, the wait is rising to see in black and white the legislative decree on Irpef containing the 100 euro bonus (which once taxed will be reduced to around 80), initially promised for the end of the year, but then postponed to January 2025 due to lack of coverage . The measure was approved in the Council of Ministers on the eve of Labor Day on May 1st, but a month later it has not yet reached the Chambers for their opinion. The never-ending dossier on seaside resorts has also been postponed until after the European Championships. In fact, after the vote on 8-9 June, the preliminary investigation process of the Chamber's presidency office will begin on FdI's request to the president of Montecitorio Lorenzo Fontana to raise the conflict of attribution with the Council of State for the ruling on concessions. At the end of the investigation the bureau will produce a text which will be put to the vote in the Chamber.