The company of the wife of Tortoriciani boss Cesare Bontempo Scavo has been seized in the Nebrodi area


By John

Cesare Bontempo Scavo is now sixty years old, has been in prison for a long time and was for years the recognized leader of his Tortoriciani mafia group. For example, he participated as a fugitive at the end of the 90s as head of his “family” in the Polverello agreements, in a farmhouse near Montalbano Elicona, after the end of the ruthless war between his great ally Pino Chiofalo – who died in general silence some time ago – and the people of Barcelona. A meeting that served to redefine the “territories of competence” of the various mafia groups in the entire Tyrrhenian province and seal the new alliances. That evening there were at the table Sebastiano Rampulla “zu Bastiano” from Mistretta, who for years was the provincial representative of the Palermo Cosa Nostra for the entire province, Salvatore “Sem” Di Salvo for the people of Barcelona, ​​and then Melo Sviluppo, Tindaro Calabrese , Santo Lenzo. These are old mafia stories that have never been well known and which are now coming back in a judicial ruling recent, which deals with the request for seizure of assets made for some family members of Bontempo Scavo by the Messina Anti-Mafia District, by the deputy prosecutor Vito Di Giorgio.
The provision in question is from the judges of the Prevention Measures of the Messina court, who in recent days have agreed to the seizure of the Tortorici agro-pastoral company of the boss’s wife, Carmela Puglisi, for a script that in recent years has repeated a lot and in the previous decades it went on without almost anyone lifting a finger: the agricultural scams against the European Union and Agea, rivers of money that arrived “free”, which fattened the Tortorician mafia clans in total silence, which then is the central topic of the recent maxi anti-mafia operation “Nebrodi”.
The agro-pastoral company registered in the name of Bontempo Scavo’s wife – the judges write in the provision -, with headquarters in Tortoricivia Misericordia, which on paper appears as “breeding of cattle and buffalo milk, production of raw milk”, for example received twenty thousand euros every year from Agea between 2006 and 2017. You are also the recipient of a disability pension civil.
The reasoning of the Prevention judges is always the same in these cases: a clear disproportion between the minimum incomes that the woman declared over a long period, and those actually received which resulted from the economic-financial investigations. Now for this kidnapping the phase of the prosecution-defense confrontation opens, the delegate judge will be Domenico Armaleo, the judicial administrator Dr. Tiziana Vinci. First hearing for boss Cesare and interested third parties set for 7 February 2024.