Fuscaldo, tries to blow himself up with a gas cylinder: saved by the firefighters


By John

He tries to blow himself up with a gas cylinder, saved by firefighters from Paola’s detachment. The facts happened in Fuscaldo. The 51-year-old local man with mental health problems was blocked. The carabinieri of the Compagnia di Paola and the social services of the Municipality were also on site. A firefighter was also allegedly attacked. Apparently the man had barricaded himself at home and an action of force was needed to enter the house.
The man was then taken by 118 to the hospital, to the Cetraro emergency room, waiting to be transferred to a suitable structure for the treatment of the case. The mayor of Fuscaldo, Giacomo Middea, after the assessments of the case and having heard the doctors, he authorized the compulsory medical treatment (Tso). The problem is also represented by the fact that the 51-year-old was stationed for a long time in the emergency room – with all the problems associated with the emergency services – due to the absence of places in Gino Iannelli’s psychiatry department. All this also while waiting to be able to find a suitable structure.