Vibo Valentia, the mayor Limardo presents the new councilors: “With the full council and the desire to do we will be able to achieve our objectives”


By John

“I turned to the best energies of our community, and I am sure I have identified professionals capable of realizing and carrying out the objectives of this administration”. Thus began the mayor of Vibo Valentia, Maria Limardo, in presenting this morning the new members of the municipal council who complete the executive bringing it back to nine elements. The new powers have been conferred on the councilors Antonio known as Antonello Fuscà (Port), Giusi Fanelli (Culture and Tourism), Arcangelo known as Lillo Scionti (Social Policies), which are added to those already conferred previously to the councilor Katia Franzè (General Affairs and Decorum and Public Green).

“The new councilors – declared the mayor – excellently represent the Vibonese world and the respective world of reference. They are people of my absolute trust and whom I thank for having accepted a heavy task, it is a question of completing a whole series of procedures that have been started and which must be unraveled and for which competence and energy, desire and professionalism, a sense of community are necessary and enthusiasm for doing”.

On Fanelli: “I greatly appreciated and welcomed the intuition of wanting to couple the powers to Culture and Tourism (for which I thank Councilor Schiavello for the work he has done), because in our territory the development of one is essential from that of ‘other. And on this the lawyer Fanelli has demonstrated, already only with the work done with the Pro loco, that he knows how to change things positively “.

On Scionti: “A qualifying presence, a figure we need: he represents the bridge between the world of the least and that of bureaucracy and politics, which is often considered hostile. Thanks to his work in the third sector, he will be the perfect trait d’union between these worlds, it will be up to him to make it clear with facts that politics is not against the latter, but with ”.

On Fuscà: “He needs no introduction. He holds a prestigious position in the council of the bar association, and represents a sure point of reference for the professional category. I welcomed his presence, because his story speaks volumes. I have entrusted him with the task of the tasks: the delegation to Porto, and I am sure that in almost a year he will be able to give concrete answers ”.

On Franzè: “She has always shown great attachment and passion for issues dear to the citizenry, and from the very first days of her assignment she set to work on the front of decorum”.

Finally, from all the new councilors, a heartfelt thanks to the mayor for the trust and the unanimous conviction that “although there are only a few months available, they will still be sufficient to achieve the objectives of the mandate in each of the reference sectors”.

Fanelli: “I feel excited and pervaded by a great sense of responsibility, having the opportunity to offer a contribution for my city this time from an institutional position”.

Scionti: “I am linked to the mayor by mutual esteem, having received this call is something that makes me responsible. I’m not a politician, but due to my role in associations I am aware of the great weight of political choices especially in a sector such as social services. And it is with this sense of responsibility that I accept the mayor’s bet”.

Fuscà: “I’ve always thought that to be defined as good citizens it’s a duty to place oneself at the service of the institutions, otherwise it’s just a vain stuffing your mouth. It is in this spirit that I accepted. It happened to me for the second time to be called to serve the city, after the experience of twenty years ago. And the fact of being considered an asset by your community, as stated by the mayor, is the best compliment in the world. I believe I have great motivation and clear ideas, and I am convinced that there is plenty of time to implement the programmatic points of the Limardo administration”.

Franzè: “I have devoted my attention to the city every day because I think it is here that our children should continue to live. I accepted this possibility with initial hesitation, only to realize immediately that, with team spirit, all objectives are within our reach”.