“Futura. Donne per Lucio”, a tribute to Dalla in a recital that toured Sicily


By John

Tribute to a great singer-songwriter who put the feminine aspect of his personality into his compositions, “Future. Women for Lucio”, recital by Lidia Schillaci and Women Orchestra in memory of Lucio Dalla, it presents his great successes in the year that would have marked his eightieth birthday. Conceived by the artist from Castellamare del Golfo, third in “Tale e cui show” in 2019, the show – created by Asc Production and Quintosol Production – between light and classical music, makes use of the accompaniment of a pop-symphonic orchestra from Palermo all female, born in 2017 and seen at the 2020 edition of “Tu sì que vales”.

Sold out on all dates of the Sicilian tourafter the stage of August 6th in Aci Bonaccorsi the event will end tonight in the Cathedral Square of Piazza Armerina, before restarting the tour on September 10th from Belmonte Mezzagno (Palermo).

«Our producer Rosario Sabatino brought Lidia and I together convinced that we could work in great harmony on a project of this magnitude – says the director of the orchestra Alessandra Pipitone, from Petrosino (Trapani) – We recognized each other in the same energy and in the same love for music and for Dalla, who managed to bring out the feminine side of his personality in the way he tells stories».

And again: «The arrangements by Fabrizio Lamberti and Valter Sivilotti seem written with a female soul and this has also been noticed by the public. They are arrangements that touch our sensitive and rocker side together. Dalla, before being a songwriter, was a great composer and music connoisseur. His pieces are conceived with the talent of someone who tells stories through tools specially chosen to accompany the words, leaving nothing to chance. In this he was a leader, and it’s nice to re-propose his masterpieces in a personal and modern key ».

What characteristics have made Dalla one of the greatest Italian songwriters?
“Its sane madness. Each piece is a musical adventure, as well as a narrative, if we think of the way of singing, of its unmistakable scat. He was a genius, with a writing that made every song a path you never imagined where it would end. His genius lies in this.’

The Women Orchestra enhances female talent by combining music and social commitment. As?
«After “Non è amore”, a show against violence against women staged in Cammarata, I felt that it was a strong project, to be continued. In our concerts we have turned the spotlight on important issues such as the care of nature and deaths at work. And the proceeds from today’s pre-sale will go to “Ricominciamo da Isabella”, which supports women with breast surgery. I believe that in concerts both the pleasure of making music and our sensitivity emerge, and what the female universe is».