Rende mourns the tragic death of Giuseppe Bruno. Anxiety for the young woman who was riding with him


By John

Pain and suffering are strings that suddenly vibrate on a dull night on Statale 107, just outside San Fili. From Paola to Crotone, this road is a constant coming and going of stories every day that cross each other, of lives that touch each other and that, every now and then, tragically end up inside a curve or along a straight stretch. The crosses planted on the edge of the black and gray asphalt recall the blood shed over the years. And since the last night, hot and humid, the night before August 15th, a terrible disaster has emerged which has hit two families. A night shattered by a crash and with time that suddenly seemed to collapse in the middle of the western suburbs of Cosenza, the more silent and remote one that extends into the countryside crossed by the main artery. A roar that brought down the curtain on the young existence of Giuseppe Bruno.
He, a twenty-two year old from Rende, had become a soldier in the Italian Army six months ago, serving in Caserta. He had always traveled that road on her motorbike. He was an okay guy, a guy with so many friends and so many passions that he had already been able to set his life on precise coordinates. He knew the Statale well, he knew that in certain places it suddenly narrows like a tenacious pitfall and then widens again. Saturday night Giuseppe rode his motorbike as usual. In the saddle was Emma C., 23, from Taverna di Montalto. They were returning from an evening spent together on the coast, an evening of light-heartedness and joy. They were supposed to get home but that journey ended earlier, at the progressive kilometer 14.100, just before reaching the junction for San Fili. For reasons yet to be ascertained, the steel horse suddenly met its fate, ending its race against a car that was headed towards the sea. A violent collision. The boy probably died instantly. Her friend, on the other hand, was thrown off the vehicle in the crash.
The emergency services were immediately alerted. The carabinieri from the Rende mobile radio, the 118 from the Unical station, the firefighters and the Anas vehicles to block traffic have arrived (a stoppage documented by a photo posted on the web by Umberto Calipari). The girl was taken to the Annunziata di Cosenza where the doctors ascertained a series of abdominal traumas. Yesterday she underwent a delicate surgery before being taken back to intensive care. But her condition is desperate. The investigators of the Arma, coordinated by Captain Chiara Soldano, throughout the night, searched for traces of the tragedy on the asphalt to try to reconstruct the tragedy. A key they hope to obtain by crossing the photographic surveys with the planimetric ones. A detailed report was sent to the chief prosecutor Mario Spagnuolo.
Different feelings chased each other in the hospital yesterday. Condolence and collective participation, anxiety and despair. The mortal remains of Giuseppe Bruno were recomposed in the morgue of the Annunziata. His commander also arrived from Caserta to bring the closeness of the Army to the family. And then, outside, many friends gathered. All this while a few tens of meters away, Emma’s family members were stationed outside the intensive care unit. The relatives never moved from those corridors waiting for a sign of hope from the doctors. They suffer a lot, they suffer from an intimate pain, a private and composed pain. Hours later, however, the reserve on the prognosis inevitably remains. It takes time, doctors say.