Gasoline, skyrocketing prices. Calabria is the second most expensive region for self driving on the motorway


By John

The upward trend continues average price of gasoline on the highway: today, from the update of the data provided by Mimit, it still results in ascent for the self on the motorway network with an average price of 2.019 euros per litre. On 14 August the price was 2.015 euros. Self diesel, always on the motorway, is at 1.928 (1.921 on the eve of mid-August), the LPG served is stable at 0.842 euros as is methane at 1.528 euros.

Looking at the green in self-service mode, among the regions the highest average price is still in Puglia at 1.969 euros per liter and the least expensive in the Marche (1.924 euros per liter). Immediately after Puglia, the highest prices apply to green self-service in Calabria (1.967 euros per litre), in Basilicata (1,966), in Liguria (1,965), in Sardinia (1,962). Closely followed by Val d’Aosta (1,959), Molise (1,954), Sicily (1,946), Campania (1,944), Friuli Venezia Giulia (1,943), Abruzzo, Piedmont and Tuscany (1,941 ), Lombardy (1,940), Emilia Romagna (1,938), Lazio (1,937), Umbria (1,936) with Veneto (1,925) and Marche (1,924) bringing up the rear. In the Province of Bolzano, petrol in self-service mode has the highest price at 1.977 euros per litre, while in the Province of Trento it is 1.952.