Gioia Tauro, Bellofiore explains: «I gave freedom to vote, no indication for Scarcella»


By John

Almost a week after the outcome of the runoff and with Mayor Scarcella already proclaimed and fully operational, awaiting the convocation of the first City Council during which the cards of the new government will be revealed, it is possible to begin to make a more lucid analysis of the vote by also listening to the leaders of the various political coalitions.
The perfect assist is provided by a video that has gone viral on instant messaging channels in which, having arrived in the city to celebrate the victory of the candidate supported by his party, the Honorable Cannizzaro, regional coordinator of FI, then hugs a supporter of the former mayor Bellofiore pronouncing the sentence (according to some even reconstructed with the help of AI) «I spoke to Renato yesterday, thank you very much». A statement that could mean all or nothing, but which for the most mischievous would be proof of alleged support provided by the former mayor to his former manager of the municipal financial sector.
To dispel any doubts and the feared AI artifices we reached the person directly concerned by telephone. «I gave absolutely no voting instructions – Bellofiore remarked – I spoke in a very linear manner with both candidates: I would have considered bringing to the assembly, just as I also brought the requests to be voted on that both of them made to me, only a political proposal that would not include us in any type of council but with an affiliation that would have allowed us to have a minority advisor as external support, in a fair and correct manner. But the discussion did not materialize because Scarcella immediately said “no” while, when she came to me, Principal Russo had already closed the agreement with Schiavone. Therefore, within the movement everyone determined themselves according to conscience. I have a relationship of respect with Russo – she added – but she preferred, without evaluating the consequences, a political party within which there were divisions. Perhaps we, in our small way, would have been much more in line.”