Baker-Hughes in Corigliano-Rossano, the appeal of Unindustria Calabria after the attacks by the municipal administration: “No to rigid positions”


By John

In reference to the press reports according to which the municipal administration of Corigliano-Rossano would have turned to the President of the Republic to suspend the effectiveness of the authorization documents for the production establishment of Baker-Hughes/New Pignone in the port of the Calabrian city, Unindustria Calabria expresses its concerns about the matter: «The Calabrian production system – explains Aldo Ferrarapresident of Unindustria Calabria – lives in a social and economic context characterized by structural weakness. To improve this context, we have long supported how one of the most important tools to implement is the ability of our region to attract new investors from outside the region, and strong industrial groups capable of injecting significant private capital into the local system, creating jobs and stimulating the creation of related industries which in turn generate further positive effects on the territory. In this sense, the proposal from Baker Hughes, which also for logistical reasons identified our region as the ideal place to develop a production plant of international character, not only represents an opportunity in itself, but can be considered as a business model capable of lead the way for other important business groups.”

«The controversies that have recently accompanied the authorization process – among which I obviously do not include the right power of local administrations to intervene and contribute to the territorial development plan – risk providing a distorted image of our region, the image of a territory that is not capable of welcoming those who decide to invest here. Knowing full well that Calabria is certainly not resistant to investments which, in full compliance with current regulations and the vocations of the territories, can prove to be an extraordinary tool for collective growth; in the certainty that the procedural process followed by the Port Authority has been correctly followed and that the project has been adequately illustrated to the city and the administrators; in the awareness that the intentions of all the political decision-makers involved in the matter arise from the common desire to work for the good of Calabria, the territory and its inhabitants, the invitation we feel like making to the parties involved is to to abandon rigid positions and broaden one’s gaze to all local and regional implications, what investments like the one planned by Baker-Hughes can have for citizens and for the territory, so as to be able to find a solution to the issue and allow the company to invest in Calabria”.